Shakespeare Circuits: 11th World Shakespeare Congress (Singapore, 18-24 July 2021)

Every five years, the World Shakespeare Congress regenerates understandings of Shakespeare across the world, bringing together scholars whose geo-cultural vantage points for working with Shakespeare both overlap and differ. A historical nodal point in global economies for Shakespeare, Singapore offers an ideal meeting point for the international aims of the Congress and for emerging cross-border practices and perspectives.

The 11th World Shakespeare Congress will be held at the National University of Singapore. The Congress theme of circuits draws attention to the passage of Shakespeare’s work between places and periods, agencies and institutions, positionalities and networks of production, languages and mediums.

Information on the keynote speakers, panel sessions, seminars and workshops is now online. Registration for seminars and workshops will open later in 2020, with updates on performances, screenings, exhibits, social events and accommodation.

Please visit the WSC 2021 website at